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автогарант Депозитарий

Darknet market

This is a partially closed section of the trade offers on Darknet, access to the trading platform can be obtained after an interview or in a personal invite. In the Market, there are also open subsections on the main topics - applications for the purchase / sale of various services, information on proven services, proposals for the discharge of information and other topics.



    The section contains information on Darknet's already verified vendors. There is information on the sellers / services return cars, and the removal of personal information from various databases (MIAC, MIA, IC, etc.). Also, in the section you can find vendor-verified vendors who provide services for hacking social networks, obtaining Russian citizenship (plus all the necessary documents), creating duplicates, etc.

  2. Darknet Academy


    The section is completely devoted to training on various schemes of earnings in the shadow business. Here you can find free trainings on carding, payment systems, anonymity, security and many other useful trainings. Trainings are designed not only for beginners, some “pros” can also find interesting info in this section. All trainings are subject to mandatory testing by our administration.

  3. Darknet Marketplace

    Access to the site gives admin Darknet. For proven sellers and authorized buyers, the likelihood of access is much higher than that of newbies. Beginners need to be interviewed to gain access. In the section there are a lot of proposals for the sale or purchase of the services of the shadow business, or various software for the independent implementation of "black" schemes.

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  4. Darknet Market

    In the section lay out the proposals for the sale and purchase of shadow goods and services that are in demand in Darknet. We do not lay out the sale of prohibited goods or questionable services. In the section you can find offers for the sale of various accounts, traffic, documents or residence in various cities of the Russian Federation.

  5. Торговля Украина

    Торговля Украина


    In the section we place only applications for the purchase of shadow goods and services. If you need different bank cards, fake or database, then leave the application here. You can also place orders for the purchase of various goods (lost documents, SIM cards, injuries and other goods). The chance that there is a proven Celler and goods, great.

  7. Service

    Section for those who are ready to offer their services on the shadow market Darknet. In the section you can find offers on breaking through (by mobile operators and others), cash out of fake or electronic money, hacking accounts of various social networks, etc. If you have preliminary questions, also ask here.

  8. giveaway

    The section is useful, especially for beginners who are at the very beginning of our thorny path. Ask questions and ask for help from professionals in this section for free. The section is also for those who have long eaten a “dog” on various earnings schemes, and who do not mind sharing the software or advice with newbies (we all remember how we started).

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Пользователь регулярно проводит сделки через гарант сервис и имеет положительную торговую статистику на площадке. Скорее всего ему можно доверять и работать напрямую. С правилами работы через гарант вы можете ознакомится тут.
Пользователь не провел ни одной сделки через гарант. О правилах работы через гарант вы можете ознакомиться тут.
Пользователь внес страховой депозит на форуме. Является проверенным селлеров и гарантированно проводит все сделки через гарант сервис Даркнета. Подробнее о системе депозитов вы можете прочитать тут.
Пользователь не имеет обеспечительного депозита на форуме, при работе с ним не отправляйте предоплату и всегда привлекайте гаранта к сделкам. Подробнее о системе депозитов вы можете прочитать тут.
Статус пользователя "НЕ ПРОВЕРЕН" гласит о том, что он не прошел верификацию своего аккаунта в Даркнете. Верификацию можно пройти предоставив положительные отзывы и рекомендации о себе. Подробнее о том, как пройти верификацию Вы можете прочитать тут.
Статус пользователя "ПРОВЕРЕННЫЙ" говорит о том, что селлер прошел проверку своих товаров или услуг у Администрации Даркнета. Подробнее о том, как пройти проверку вы можете прочитать тут.