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Section for offers from freelancers. In it you can find artists who offer - promotion and promotion of sites, adjusting the design, or creating from scratch your project, copywriting services. We consider the services of programmers in various types of languages, as well as suggestions from arbitrageurs.


  1. Marketing

    All questions and suggestions related to the promotion of websites, blogs, forums, communities and other social groups - everything is laid out in the marketing section. If there are proposals for sending mass messages to different groups, we also post in this section.

  2. Disign

    Section for freelancers who offer drawing, editing or restoring / correction of documents. Including, and drawing on a photo (various level of complexity). If there is information on the working services that are engaged in a similar design, lay out in the discussion. Consider the cost of design services. We post tips on drawing, or various PSD layouts (zagran, passports or other documents) in paid or free access.

  3. Copywriting

    The section is only for proposals for copywriting, rewriting (superficial or deep), copy-paste and other text content options. Discuss the cost of services and their quality. If there are services or exchanges with professional copywriters on the note, we post the information in this section.

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